Thank you!

When I was completely new in the Esports industry, I soon realised that I still have a lot to learn

Team Dignitas showed me the basics of authoring and advertising said articles, but most of my knowledge comes from trial and error, and it wouldn’t be without help that I am able to get paid doing what I love.

One of those people is called Nth, a graphic designer who is creating tonnes of graphics for Team Dignitas and all of its writers.

Instead of telling me to handle it myself he has often helped me by creating graphics on very short notice, and all of this without ever wanting anything back. This is exactly why he will get at least something back. I can not put in words how grateful I am.

If you ever consider to let someone create graphics for you and are willing to pay, please visit his Behance to review his work and potentially hire him. He puts out quality work, some of which I will also showcase below.

He also created the name-tags that I used in my video for the “How to split B like Team Dignitas on Mirage” article.


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